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I'm Zach, owner of WesWy Beard Co. My beautiful family and I live in a small, five-square mile town in rural North Carolina. I started WesWy at the beginning of 2021 after making a number of beard products for myself. Those products then expanded to friends and family who eventually encouraged me to turn it into a business.

WesWy Beard Co. is named after my twin boys, Weston and Wyatt who were born in August of 2020 - in the middle of a pandemic I might add. I'm very family-oriented and wanted the company to reflect that part of my life. In addition to WesWy, I own a steel construction company, and I'm a singer/songwriter for my country music band. I also love being out at the farm with my cattle and enjoy serving on the worship team at church.

At WesWy Beard Co., my priorities are to build a brand that is known for its top-notch products, great feel in beard, help educate and grow the bearded community, and most importantly, keep my customers top of mind. I believe in developing relationships and want each of my customers to feel like they know me, rather than every purchase be solely transactional.

If you ever run into a problem or have any questions, please reach out so I can help!

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